Icecast Release 2.5 beta1

Icecast is nog steeds druk bezig met nieuwe mogelijkheden en verbeteringen. Zie hier de Icecast release 2.5 beta 1 de veranderingen en verbeteringen.

Nieuwe mogelijkheden:

  • replaces old style items
  • triggers
  • replaces and offers more functionality
  • additional stream metadata exposed
  • additional stats XML output (e.g. listeners, used by e.g. licensing services, may need ?omode=legacy)

Known issues

  • HTTP PUT implementation currently doesn’t support chunked encoding yet.
  • HTTP PUT with “Expect: 100-Continue” receives first a “100” and soon after a “200”, instead of the “200” at the end of transmission.
  • Caution should be exercised when using <on-connect> or <on-disconnect>, as there is a small chance of stream file descriptors being mixed up with script file descriptors, if the FD numbers go above 1024. This will be further addressed in the final release.
  • Login problems for admin if mount has auth defined (fixed in git for next beta)
  • JSON exposes listener details if queried with mount (fixed in git for next beta)
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