Sam Broadcaster v.4.9.4

De nieuwe versie van Sam Broadcaster versie 4.9.4  is te downloaden via

De verbeteringen zijn (engels):
– v4.9.4 (16 February 2012)

  • /INSTANCE= flag could be used to run multiple instances of the software.
  • /SHUTDOWNALL flag to shut down all instances.
  • Added PAL method Queue.Refresh
  • Added PAL method TPlayer.FadeToNextCustom(fadeLevel, duration)
  • Added PAL method TPlayer.FadeToVolume(volumeLevel, duration)
  • Finally completely fixed double-play issue.

Er zijn drie varianten te downloaden:

  1. SAM Broadcaster x32 Firebird edition For users running a 32-bit Windows OS. Download includes Firebird
  2. SAM Broadcaster x64 Firebird edition For users running a 64-bit Windows OS. Download includes Firebird.
  3. SAM Broadcaster MySQL or MS SQL edition Install MySQL or MS SQL before installing SAM Broadcaster.

Oude verbeteringen zijn:

-v4.9.2 (14 September 2011)

  • Added SpacialNet Encoder and SpacialNet Relays for easy configuration of SpacialNet stream hosting.
  • Fixed UTF-8 support in player decks, Song Info Editor & Search window.
  •  Fixed double-play issue when custom XFade settings are applied.
  •  Updated email address for activations.
  •  Made all buttons fit properly on Edit time window.
  • Fixed issue when clicking on corner of Pause/Play button that button toggle did not happen.
  • Made more space for “Artist” label on Player as on XP it cut off slightly.
  • Improved URLEncoding for HTMLOutput parser.
  • Added maximum limits for Wowza stats where supported.
  • Fixed “0-9” filter on samPHPweb template.
  • Few more example PAL scripts provided.
  • Fixed issue where “Remove from All” was incorrectly disabled.

-v4.9.1 (7 July 2011)

  • Fixed & character display on player title.
  • Fixed metronome button display.
  • Disable delete and song info when no track selected in category view.
  • Sorted out issue with progress indicator.
  • Tracks lists now correctly displays number of days in duration summary.
  • Fixed issue where custom XFade point only works if second Deck is already queued.
  • Fixed floating Playlist window issues.
  • PAL Scripting – ActivePlayer now always points to the Deck that most recently started playing.
  • Converted PAL Scripting Reference into newer *.CHM help format to be compatible out-of-the-box with Vista/Win7.

-v4.9.0 (22 June 2011)

  •  New Spacial brand and user interface with lots of usability improvements!
  • Updated encoder timers to show days of uptime.
  • Updated Shoutcast 2 encoder to properly ignore metadata when metadata is disabled.
  • Removed StreamAds support. Please contact Triton Digital for all your advertising needs.
  • SAM->General->HTML Output moved under SAM->Tools->HTML Output menu.
  • List your radio station on with the new PAL script that ships with SAM. See TuneIn.pal inside PAL folder.
  • Improved soundcard detection for Mic config.
  • Improved Search window.
  • Improved Apply to Album functionality.
  • SoundFX now have space for 16 items.
  • Air/Cue mute and volume control can be set directly from toolbar.
  • Layout now always stored to default layout on exit. Also, new layout extension of *.sul
  • Huge speed improvement when closing EQ/AGC/DSP config screen.
  • UI now forces windows to show inside visible area.
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