SamAutoStart 1.4

Wat is het doel van deze applicatie en waarom heb je het nodig?  SAMAutoStart zorgt ervoor dat uw Sam Broadcaster altijd draait.

Bekijk de README.pdf deze zit in de download link hieronder inclusief het programma.



24. March 2013.
1.4 Fixed: Air-Cue buttons was always locked, now you can re-enable them by setting
DisableAir-Cue value to 0.
Added: You can call any event you listed in config.ini under Events by pressing
Numpad Enter key, when NumpadAdd key is disabled it don’t send events anymore.
Added: SAMAutoStart restart SAMBC if there is a message from SAMBC.exe
that it stopped working (Windows 7 tested).
Added: You can disable volume slidebars (config.ini->DisableVolumeBar=1).
Added: Send an alert email if SAMBC.exe isn’t running or stopped working.
Added: Right click on the file path in Song information editor now gives you a new menu
with powerful options, second click will show the default SAM Broadcaster menu.
Added: Shortcut->Holding down the mouse right button over a track opens
Song information editor. (Queue, Tracks in Selected Category and History).
Added: You can manually set HTTPHandler IP and port to override default.
Added: ConfirmDelete, Confirm dialog when removing a track from “Queue”
or “Tracks in Selected Category” window.
Added: SAMAutoStart.log logs SAMAutoStart events “date – time – description”.
Added: Autodetection of MySQL port, removed from config.ini.
Added: AUX1DATA.PAL provides information about the track that is loaded into Aux1

21. January 2013.
1.3 Added: RestartSAM and RestartSAMAutoStart (Called as a Messagebox, documented above).

8. April 2012.
1.2 Fixed: click on the top of DJ Mode button didn’t show attention window.
Added: feature to call a Messagebox and run files from PAL Scripts
Added: DisableNumAdd.
Added: when NumAdd and NumEnter disabled they send an event to port 1221.
Added: DisableAir-Cue.
Included: useful example scripts.
Changed: attention window blink method. Now changing color instead show/hide.
Minor bugfixes

11. February 2012.
1.1 Added: wait_mySQL.

10. February 2013.
1.0 First release.

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    Is it working also on firebird ?

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