Sam Broadcaster Pro 2016.8

Zie hieronder wat er aan de laatste versie’s is verbeterd:

New & Improved

-v2016.8 (5 September 2016)
* Dual screen support.
* Fixed problem where DJs with only Live Streaming permission could not connect.
* Changed Broadcast Control Center default dimensions.
* VoiceFX: Changed workflow slightly. Hitting record does reset settings to default, but uses current settings.
* Fixed saving window size for Playlist views.
* UI now remembers window maximized state.
* Properly disable Sort by Date Added for non-Playlist categories.
* Fixed issue with Scheduled events that did not save due to regional date/time formatting issues.
* Upgraded bug and memory tracing in DEBUG builds.
* Fixed various minor memory leaks.
-v2016.7 (1 August 2016)
* Fixed Shoutcast v1 metadata and statistic issue.
* Improved FLV streamer (CheapestStream).
* Improved MP4 decoder.
* Fixed index out of bounds errors for:
** Visual tree select range
** VUMeter
-v2016.6 (18 July 2016)
* New tutorial on how to use automated requests via SAM Broadcaster Cloud.
* Updated user-agent information in Icecast v2 streaming. Also switched from ICE/1.0 to HTTP/1.0 as protocol identifier.
* Improved duration parsing in WebSocket handler.
-v2016.5 (13 June 2016)
* Fixed in-app upgrade download.
* Added “Keep me signed in” option to SAM Broadcaster Cloud sign in screen.
* Fixed playlist import into SAM Broadcaster Cloud while logged in as owner.
* Improved installer checking for running application instances.
* Fixed station permission issue when switching users after initial password failure.
* Improved websocket message parser to handle edge cases that caused stability problems.
-v2016.4 (16 May 2016)
* Broadcast Control now displays currently playing track information for Cloud source.
* Do not return requests on Touch if requests are disabled on software side.
* Enable HTTP port only for legacy requests (which helps minimize any firewall issues)
* Fix bug where Cloud static relay could fail to update on Statistic Relay window after user switch.
* Changed cloud statistic relay URL and also AudioRealm listing improvements.
* Splash screen improvements.

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