Sam Broadcaster Pro nieuwe versie 2017.9 (2 October 2017)

Sam Broadcaster Pro nieuwe versie 2017.9 (2 October 2017)

Hieronder de verbeteringen van de afgelopen versies voor Sam Broadcaster Pro 2017

-v2017.9 (2 October 2017)

  • Ability to label encoders to easily identify them. (Right-click on encoder and select “Change Label”)

-v2017.8 (14 September 2017)

  • PAL Studio object can now control studio muted state, Virtual DJ mode and Auto-recovery settings (Refer to PAL scripting reference).
  • PAL THttpClient class allows you to interface with external APIs or make more advanced web requests. (Refer to PAL scripting reference).
  • PAL static variable DATA_PATH that points to SAM working directory. (i.e. SAM->Tools->Jump to->Data path)
  • PAL static variable PROGRAM_PATH that points to SAM programs directory. (i.e. SAM->Tools->Jump to->Program path)
  • Execute external commands via PAL script (Example: ExecuteCmd(‘notepad.exe’,[DATA_PATH+’EventLog.log’]); ).
  • PAL can now log messages to Event Log (Example: PAL.Log(‘Notice message’,ltNotice);).
  • HTTP Basic authentication support in both PAL scripting and audio streaming (Use http://user:[email protected]/document?query format).
  • Added AnsiQuotedStr function to PAL for easier ExecuteCmd parameter quoting.

-v2017.7 (7 August 2017)

  • Added support for additional PCM WAV formats (24bit, 32bit, 64bit in IEEE_FLOAT and PCM).

-v2017.6 (3 July 2017)

  • Database export to CSV. Use /EXPORT parameter or Export command from Program Files.
  • Database import from pevious CSV export. Use /IMPORT parameter or Import command from Program Files.
  • Updated database structure for FireBird and MySQL to be more consistent across databases.
  • Reverted URLEncode to use “%20” instead of plus (“+”) for encoding spaces. This affected Shoutcast v1 titles.

-v2017.5 (30 May 2017)

  • Updated Help links to new Help Center location.
  • Fixed hint on Cancel Switch button.
  • Improved UTF-8 support for CheapestStream and SAMBC Cloud encoders.
  • Fixed some images not loading for Amazon Album Cover search.
  • Fixed SAM DJ pre-release timeout issue.

-v2017.4 (2 May 2017)

  • Removed Dual Channel as option from CheapestStream and SpacialNet encoders due to HTML5 playback incompatibility.
  • Removed Dual Channel as option from MP3 (LAME) and SpacialNet encoders.
  • Fixed missing images in online changelog.
  • Added log message for PRE-RELEASE versions (QA/BETA).
  • Updated EULA.
  • Updated CodeSign certificate.

v2017.3 (7 March 2017)

  • New Jingles & Drops window.
  • Fixed error when deleting custom category.

-v2017.2 (21 February 2017)

  • Fixed bug where Skip Track button was enabled when DJ did not have the permission, causing DJ to be logged out when clicked.
  • Event Scheduler up/down buttons removed as state was not persisted.
  • Added “graceful back-off” logic to SAMCloud Encoder to avoid stampede scenarios and to allow “kick” functionality to work better.
  • Encoder now more gracefully handle case where two tried to DJs connect to same slot at same time.
  • CheapestStream Encoder improvements to prevent rare crash when switching users while encoding.

-v2017.1 (19 January 2017)

  • Fixed Amazon Album Cover search.
  • Removed unsupported profiles from WM Encoder.
  • WebSocket message parsing improvements.
  • Improved DEBUG edition code and tracing.
  • Upgraded network library.
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