SimpleCast v3.1.0

Er is een nieuwe versie uit van de live encoder SimpleCast. Belangrijkste verbeteringen zijn:

  • AACPlus, Lame encoder
  • Windows 7 compatibel
  • Audio processing (AGC), bekende 5 band limiter/compressor etc die ook in Sam Broadcast zit
  • Werkt met:  SHOUTcast, IceCast, Windows Media Services en Wowza

De kosten zijn 199,- Dollar + vat 19% Online kopen (creditcard) kan via

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-v3.1.0 (23 February 2011)

Here are some of the improvements we’re really proud of:
* Brand new look.
* Better Vista/Win7 UAC compatibility.
* Audio processing support (AGC, EQ, DSP).
* Added aacPlusv2 encoder.
* Lots of Event Adapter example scripts to get you started.
* Improved mono downmix to avoid excessive clipping.
* Added Robust WM9 encoder.
* Soundcard AGC processing.
* Send output to soundcard so you can preview the audio.
* Added Event log.
* TCPSender utility to assist with script development.
* FilePoller utility to allow metadata input from file sources.

Here are more boosts worth mentioning:
* SHOUTcast relay now properly detects AAC in all cases.
* Wowza v2 stats support added.
* Stats relays graph legend maxed out at 9999 – fixed to handle larger numbers.
* MP3 LAME encoder added.
* Fixed deadlock on stopping encoders while streaming is paused due to network issues.
* Added error checking for “ThreadSock” error condition so encoder can automatically recover.
* Added URL Append Template for Shoutcast/Icecast streaming.
* Fixed bug where encoders did not wait full duration before trying to reconnect.
* Improvements to Abacast relay. Fixed AudioRealm touch as well with Abacast relays.
* Winamp DSP plugin support.

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