Nieuwe versie SAM v4.9.0 uitgebracht

Er is door SpacialAudio een nieuwe versie SAM Broadcaster uitgebracht. Tevens hebben ze een geheel nieuwe website sinds kort.

Versie 4.9.0 (22-06-2011) veranderingen zijn:

  • New Spacial brand and user interface with lots of usability improvements!
  • Updated encoder timers to show days of uptime.
  • Updated Shoutcast 2 encoder to properly ignore metadata when metadata is disabled.
  • Removed StreamAds support. Please contact Triton Digital for all your advertising needs.
  • SAM->General->HTML Output moved under SAM->Tools->HTML Output menu.
  • List your radio station on with the new PAL script that ships with SAM. See TuneIn.pal inside PAL folder.
  • Improved soundcard detection for Mic config.
  • Improved Search window.
  • Improved Apply to Album functionality.
  • SoundFX now have space for 16 items.
  • Air/Cue mute and volume control can be set directly from toolbar.
  • Layout now always stored to default layout on exit. Also, new layout extension of *.sul
  • Huge speed improvement when closing EQ/AGC/DSP config screen.
  • UI now forces windows to show inside visible area.

Versie 4.8.0 uitgebracht op 01-06-2011 de veranderingen zijn:

  • SHOUTcast v2 encoder support.
  • SHOUTcast v2 statistic relay support.
  • Minor updates to PHP Web Template.
  • Added index to requestlist table for improved query performance on web template.
  • Royalty reports for France (SPPF, SCPP, SACEM).
  • Changed backup method to be compatible with MySQL v5.5 or later.
  • Icecast2 statistic relay support fixed for certain builds of Icecast. (KH builds)
  • Added support for multiple VHosts for Wowza statistic relays.