Update Breakaway One

Update Breakaway One

18 maanden na de introductie van Breakaway One is er een echt belangrijke software-update V3.19.06.

Nieuwe functies zijn onder meer dual stream-ontvangers met standby-back-up en 24-bits resolutie, ingebouwde MP2, MP3 en FLAC-encoders, een interne streaming-server, een nieuwe “Very High Quality” -modus voor nog betere FM-prestaties, AM-verwerking inclusief C- QUAM-stereo-compatibiliteit, ingebouwde mixer voor gelijktijdig gebruik van ASIO + WDM (KS / Wave) -ingangen en een aantal fantastische nieuwe presets. (Houd er rekening mee dat sommige functies het beheerpakket vereisen).

Nieuwe versie BreakawayOne met gratis upgrade voor bestaande gebruikers

Nieuwe versie BreakawayOne met gratis upgrade voor bestaande gebruikers

Leif Claesson bouwt voort met BreakawayOne op de erfenis van de legendarische Breakaway Broadcast software. De software is volledig herschreven op basis audio-algoritmen van Leif Claesson.
Gebruikers van Breakaway Broadcast en live komen gratis in aanmerking voor een upgrade. BreakawayOne is er in 3 versies:

Vorige Product BreakawayOne Core Type
Breakaway Live HD core
Breakaway Broadcast Processor Basic FM core
Breakaway Broadcast Processor ASIO Full FM core


[Nieuw] Stereo Tool 7.40 (24-12-2013)

Er is weer een nieuwe versie van stereo tool uitgekomen, hieronder de verbeteringen:

  • Declipper: Fixed several bugs (reported by Leif Claesson), output sounds better.
  • AGC: Added “Power Bass” mode. Makes deep bass far more constant and stronger (feedback from Wouter Tietema and Jeff Prins).
  • AGC: Release did not respond the same at very high input levels. Old behavior still present for compatibility.
  • AGC: Audio level was more consistent at lower latency settings. Same consistency now also for high latency.
  • AGC: Added matrix mode (L+R/L-R processing) for stereo expansion. Not really great though…
  • Compressor/Limiter: Improved and optimized code for compressors, limiters and Natural Dynamics.
  • Compressors: Added Continuous Release mode for compressors.
  • Limiters: Improved limiter attack and release behavior. Much tighter, far less pumping.
  • FM: Replaced Multipath Clipper by something that works better and affects the audio less. Feedback wanted!
  • Stand alone version: Added option to receiving a stream via VLC (must be installed).
  • Stand alone version: FM: Added FM transmitter synchronization to stand alone version.
  • FM: BS412: Memory and CPU usage reduced.
  • FM: Rewrote Stokkemask code and added some options to control behavior and CPU load.
  • Advanced Clipper: Added Controlled Distortion, including intermodulation distortion detection.
  • Command line version –samplerate option to use different sample rates. Allows outputting MPX.
  • Command line version –r128 option for R128 normalization.
  • Sound cards: Added hysterisis when changing buffer size to avoid Juli@ ASIO driver crashes.
  • Sound cards: Auto-restart in case of driver errors.
  • Sound cards: Join input sound cards for Rockland/Radio SAW (stations with normal and regional content).
  • GUI: Added multi-language support.
  • GUI: Metering: Added scales to meters.
  • GUI: Metering: MPX power added.
  • GUI: RDS: Use RDBS PTY names when using 75 us pre-emphasis.
  • GUI: Added full screen mode; hides all window bars and Windows task bar.
  • GUI: Added zooming in/out to waveform displays, optimized code, made it possible to turn the display off.
  • GUI: Added warning when closing.
  • GUI: Moved Phase Shaping to under Phase Rotator (since it’s hardly used or useful).
  • GUI: CPU load for moving mouse over Bands or Equalizer displays greatly reduced.
  • GUI: Improved multi-touch screen handling.
  • GUI: Improved VMware detection.
  • GUI: Renamed some Natural Dynamics settings for clarity.
  • GML Plugin: GUI: Removed new version notification from GML plugin.
  • GML Plugin: Added R128 normalization.
  • Bug fix: Compressors did not handle audio with more than 2 channels properly.
  • Updated existing built-in presets to run with the new RMS mode.
  • Added presets.

http://www.stereotool.com/download/     stereo_tool


Nieuwe versie Stereo Tool 7.24 nu ook voor Linux

Nieuwe versie Stereo Tool 7.24 nu ook voor Linux

Er is sinds 17  juli een nieuwe versie van Stereo Tool uit, dit is versie 7.24.  Bekijk hieronder de verbeteringen.

Stereo Tool kan je gebruiken als audio processing voor o.a. Sam Broadcaster, RadioDJ, en ProppFrexx. Stereo tool is vergelijkbaar met het bekende Breakaway, echter kan je met Stereo Tool meer instellen.

De licentie voor Stereo Tool Basic kost 35,- euro.

17/7/2013  v7.24

  • Linux versions are back, now with multi-threading and Jack sound card support!
  • AM stations: Added asymmetric clipping.
  • Much faster preset loading/saving and hence much faster booting and closing.
  • Improved low latency monitoring output (latency wasn’t low enough and sound was sometimes bad).
  • Sound card handling improvement: Latency is now always exactly the same after (re)starting.
  • GUI: Entering registration key changed, overview of registered features added.
  • GUI: Errors are now displayed in sound card bars.
  • GUI: Remember sound card selection even if that sound card is not present anymore.
  • GUI: Slightly improved the mouse hold (slow slider movements) vs. non-hold detection.
  • Simplified a lot of code and moved any OS-specific code to separate files.
  • Bug fix: With Multicore disabled, Normal output didn’t work in the stand alone version.
  • Bug fix: Very rare channel swapping issue in Windows due to a threading error.
  • Bug fix: Very rare hangup on sound card switching via GUI.
  • Updated some presets.