Sam Broadcaster 2013 en veranderingen van Sam

In januari 2013 zal Spacial een nieuwe versie Sam Broadcaster uitbrengen “Sam Broadcaster 2013“. De versie zal compatibel zijn met Windows 8.
Na de aankoop van SAM Broadcaster 2013 licentie zal er veel diensten met toegevoegde waarde en gratis software-updates beschikbaar zijn volgens Spacial, dit voor een periode van 12 maanden. Na die periode van 12 maanden, zal een jaarabonnement nodig om software-updates en diensten te ontvangen.

Hieronder de laatste veranderingen van Sam Broadcaster.

v4.9.7 (23 August 2012)
* US2238: Improved CheapestStream encoder to allow compatibility with iTunes / Winamp players.
* US2277: Listen to Stream menu option directly from encoders.
* DE986: Fixed Wowza statistic relay issue. Added support for v3.
* US2276: New HTML output option to send stwCue data via HTTP to Triton’s Station Manager application.
* DE1073: Fixed Category.Delete PAL scripting function.
* DE1312: Fixed failure of SAM to start on new installation.
* DE1313: Fixed Tip of Day scrollbar issue on Windows 7.
* DE1340: Fixed Archive window for Cheapest Stream encoder.
* DE1338: Fixed Crashing issues related to failed request port binding.
* Added TRefreshList.Refresh to PAL scripting so that The RequestList can be refreshed automatically.

-v4.9.6 [UPDATE] (16 July 2012)
* Added Welcome/Tip of the Day screen.
* Fixed WOWZA statistic relay.
* Updated branding for PRO version.
* First release of STUDIO version.

-v4.9.6 (21 May 2012)
* [LITE] Seperated AGC Configuration allowing upgrades to re-enable AGC. (DE1025)
* [LITE] Re-enabled Audiorealm integration in Lite. (DE1078)
* [LITE] Queue limit increased to 100 tracks. (DE1079)
* Spacialnet encoders can now send metadata at a defined interval.
* Cheapest Stream Statistic Relay falsely reporting inactivity fixed. (DE1077)

-v4.9.5 (27 March 2012)
* Fixed race condition in Player code. (DE1001)
* Added Check to Activation processing of XML warning of XML Core services failure. (DE989)
* Fixed Lagging Disabled Add button on Playlist window. (DE1014)
* Added more discriptive error messages to Windows Media Encoder.
* Fixed WMA Settings Loss when updating account information with SpacialNet API bug (DE1015)
* Added CheapestStream encoder to all versions of SAM.
* Introduction of PLUS and LITE versions of SAM Broadcaster.