Nieuwe versie SHOUTcast DNAS 2.4.0 uit


Build 147 (9th September 2014):

  • Added support for the Radionomy advert and metrics platforms so you can earn money from overlaying some adverts on the stream and / or leveraging the online broadcasting tools from Radionomy (this is an opt-in feature and requires a Radionomy account – it does not prevent you using the DNAS like before)
  • Added ‘publicip’ to be used to specify a DNS / IP value to use for what the YP will see as your server address when ‘destip’ is used for binding against a non-public value e.g. anything in the loopback address range (see documentation for usage)
  • Added ‘alternateports’ which can be used to allow for client only connections on port(s) other than ‘portbase’ e.g. to deal with firewalls blocking client access on some networks
  • Added ‘disableicy’ to the options handled by the configuration reload action
  • Added ‘rotateinterval’ to allow for changing the time between automatic log rotations (default is 24 hours) and can be set to 0 to disable log rotation completely
  • Added basic command-line help into the DNAS itself (use /? or –help) which is based on the OS version being used without the need to consult the main documentation
  • Added better handling of the intro and backup files to ensure they match the stream format and will now reject files which do not match the bitrate
  • Changed ‘disableicy=1’ handling (default behaviour since 2.2.2) to allow 1.x clients which explicitly request in-stream metadata to still receive it e.g. VLC and foobar2000
  • Fixed crash when rotating the log and w3c files (this was mainly seen under Centova Cast installs) and some other log file handling refinements
  • Fixed authhash issues specific to the 2.2.2 release (mainly seen as a 462 error code when trying to use the management actions)
  • Fixed handling of unrecognised loopback addresses causing incorrect addresses in some of the DNAS responses e.g. the listen.* methods
  • Fixed MP3 intro files breaking stream playback (such as causing stuttering or just not playing anything else) when transitioning to the actual audio stream e.g. most Flash based players (this is an issue going all the way back to the v1.x DNAS!)
  • Fixed MP3 streams not starting on a full audio frame (this should improve client compatibility, more so with Flash based players)
  • Fixed the ‘Block User Agent’ column on the stream admin page not showing the correct action (it could be shown in the ‘Reserve Client’ in some cases)
  • Fixed repeated admin login prompt when trying to manage an authhash in some cases (mainly if having per-stream admin passwords)
  • Removed specific handling for the deprecated AOL site / embeddable Flash player (that specific player is no longer officially supported hence removing support for it)
  • Other miscellaneous code changes, improvments and related documentation updates