[Nieuw] Stereo Tool 7.40 (24-12-2013)

Er is weer een nieuwe versie van stereo tool uitgekomen, hieronder de verbeteringen:

  • Declipper: Fixed several bugs (reported by Leif Claesson), output sounds better.
  • AGC: Added “Power Bass” mode. Makes deep bass far more constant and stronger (feedback from Wouter Tietema and Jeff Prins).
  • AGC: Release did not respond the same at very high input levels. Old behavior still present for compatibility.
  • AGC: Audio level was more consistent at lower latency settings. Same consistency now also for high latency.
  • AGC: Added matrix mode (L+R/L-R processing) for stereo expansion. Not really great though…
  • Compressor/Limiter: Improved and optimized code for compressors, limiters and Natural Dynamics.
  • Compressors: Added Continuous Release mode for compressors.
  • Limiters: Improved limiter attack and release behavior. Much tighter, far less pumping.
  • FM: Replaced Multipath Clipper by something that works better and affects the audio less. Feedback wanted!
  • Stand alone version: Added option to receiving a stream via VLC (must be installed).
  • Stand alone version: FM: Added FM transmitter synchronization to stand alone version.
  • FM: BS412: Memory and CPU usage reduced.
  • FM: Rewrote Stokkemask code and added some options to control behavior and CPU load.
  • Advanced Clipper: Added Controlled Distortion, including intermodulation distortion detection.
  • Command line version –samplerate option to use different sample rates. Allows outputting MPX.
  • Command line version –r128 option for R128 normalization.
  • Sound cards: Added hysterisis when changing buffer size to avoid Juli@ ASIO driver crashes.
  • Sound cards: Auto-restart in case of driver errors.
  • Sound cards: Join input sound cards for Rockland/Radio SAW (stations with normal and regional content).
  • GUI: Added multi-language support.
  • GUI: Metering: Added scales to meters.
  • GUI: Metering: MPX power added.
  • GUI: RDS: Use RDBS PTY names when using 75 us pre-emphasis.
  • GUI: Added full screen mode; hides all window bars and Windows task bar.
  • GUI: Added zooming in/out to waveform displays, optimized code, made it possible to turn the display off.
  • GUI: Added warning when closing.
  • GUI: Moved Phase Shaping to under Phase Rotator (since it’s hardly used or useful).
  • GUI: CPU load for moving mouse over Bands or Equalizer displays greatly reduced.
  • GUI: Improved multi-touch screen handling.
  • GUI: Improved VMware detection.
  • GUI: Renamed some Natural Dynamics settings for clarity.
  • GML Plugin: GUI: Removed new version notification from GML plugin.
  • GML Plugin: Added R128 normalization.
  • Bug fix: Compressors did not handle audio with more than 2 channels properly.
  • Updated existing built-in presets to run with the new RMS mode.
  • Added presets.

http://www.stereotool.com/download/     stereo_tool