Icecast Release 2.5 beta2

Icecast Release 2.5 beta2

Icecast is terug na versie 2.5 beta 1 op  28 januari 2015 zijn nu bezig met 2.5 beta 2 en met nieuwe mogelijkheden en verbeteringen. Zie hier onder de lijst met aanpassing van Icecast release 2.5 beta 2:

Nieuwe mogelijkheden

  • General:
    • Add support for HTTP PUT, including chunked encoding support
    • Improve TLS support including additional options, on the fly certificate reload, RFC2817-mode, and TLS and non-TLS connections on same port
    • Improve WebM support
    • HTTP Keep-Alive support
    • New error handling and better HTTP status codes in error cases
    • Improved HTTP headers returned by Icecast
    • Send <admin> tag content to YP servers – provides contact information for directory operators
  • Web Interface/API:
    • Add support for Opus metadata in web/stats interface
    • List last played songs in web/stats interface
    • Add support for xsl includes from the admin directory
    • Add protocol to listener client stats XML
    • Add opmode (operation mode) strict option
    • Add support for config reload from the admin interface
  • Config:
    • Add new tag <tls-context> with childs <tls-certificate><tls-key> and <tls-allowed-ciphers>
    • Add new <shoutcast-user> tag to specify the username that is used for SHOUTcast sources
    • Moved <mime-types> to the <paths> section
    • Rename <mp3-metadata-interval> tag to <icy-metadata-interval>
    • Rename <kartoffelsalat> tag to <event-bindings>
    • Rename ssl tags (<ssl><ssl-certificate><ssl-allowed-ciphers>) to tls (<tls><tls-certificate><tls-allowed-ciphers>)


  • HTTP PUT now supports chunked encoding
  • HTTP PUT with Expect: 100-Continue now sends the 200 status as expected at the end of transmission, not right after the 100
  • Fix login problems for admin user, if default mount had auth defined
  • Fix that in some cases stats JSON would be malformed
  • Fix that the JSON exposed listener details if queried with a specific mountpoint
  • Fix segfault on some bad opus streams
  • Fix segfaults due to empty strings in config
  • Fix fetching of streamlist (for relaying) from HTTP/1.1 servers
  • Fix information disclosure CVE that allowed to view the source of a xsl file by appending a . to it, when using Icecast on Windows (#2248)